Vic Toews

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Vic Toews

Vic Toews

Imporant political issues:

Pro-life / anti-abortion

Opposed to abortion. This politician may want to criminalize abortion.

Against same sex marriage

This politician publicly expressed opinions against gay rights and may want to criminalize same sex marriage.

Weapon deregulation

This politician expressed opinions against weapon regulations.

Health-care privatization

This politician want to privatize health care system.

Fundamentalist church

This deputy is part of a Fundamentalist church and may reject Darwin's theory of evolution.

Provincial Conservative

This politician has been a candidate or deputy in a provincial conservative party.

Prison time increase

This political supported bills that would increase jail time for some offenders.


This politician supported bills for increase of marijuana criminalization.

Unjustified spending scandal

This politician has been involved in at least one scandal involving unjustified spendings.

Censorship / information control

This politician advocates censorship and information control.

Conflict of interest

This deputy has been involved in at least one well documented situation of conflict of interest.


This deputy is a minister